OLD BLOOD Rolls Out New Distortion and Expression Pedals

Old Blood Noise Endeavors is back with two brand new pedals. The first is the Old Blood Noise Endeavors Excess V2, whose features range from delay, chorus, and harmonized fifths alongside distortion in series or parallel configurations. Basically, if you’re looking for a distortion that lets you get as truly weird as you want to, then this one is for you.


The Old Blood Noise Endeavors Excess V2 is available here for $209.

Then there’s the Expression Ramper, which is an extension for that was initially configured for TRS active at Tip for compatibility with Old Blood devices, but can be configured for TRS active at Tip, TRS active at Ring, and TS. The Expression Ramper allows you to pick two expression settings on any given pedal and move between them.

The Expression Ramper is available here for $59.

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