OLA ENGLUND Announces Brand-New Guitar Company: SOLAR GUITARS

Ola Englund is a man known for his dashing Swedish looks, flowing Viking mane, and most importantly, how well he shreds on guitar. Playing for bands like Feared and The Haunted, the guy has certainly been around the metal block. So of course, a guitar player of his caliber is capable of pretty much anything he wants, right? Well, to prove it, he’s recently announced the plans for his newest guitar endeavor: Solar Guitars!


A metal guitar manufacturing company, Solar Guitars was founded and is operated by Mr. Englund himself. As of right now, there are 4 main models available: Type A, Type E, Type S, Type V. There are multiple variations within each specific guitar type, for a grand total of 15 axes to choose from. All of the guitars have a sleek, modern metal feel, with some models paying homage to the classic Flying-V and James Hetfield-style body types. There’s definitely something here for any metalhead, and they all look killer. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get our hands on one soon.

To check out all the models currently in stock, head over to the Solar Guitars website and have a look around. They already have an artist roster too, which is pretty sick to see right out of the gate. Be sure to follow them on Facebook too, because there’s probably a lot of news on the way, given that they’re such a young company.

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