Of Course NARDWUAR Gifted BOYGENIUS A Custom Pedal With Their Faces On It

Boygenius – the group consisting of Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus – were recently interviewed by the Internet’s very own Nardwuar and things got pretty sentimental. Nardwuar is known for giving some pretty incredible and thoughtful gifts to his interviewees over the years, but boygenius got their very own boost pedals made by Adam at Satellite Amps in San Diego.


“A triple boost pedal for the genius of Boygenius. Three individual germanium transistor boost pedals in one single enclosure” reads the back of the pedal. And yes, all three members of boygenius lost their shit the second they got the pedal. As we all would. If you wanna skip right to the pedal bit, go to 1:40 and hit play. Though we definitely recommend watching Nardwuar’s interviews, too.

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