NOODLES from THE OFFSPRING has a Pretty Fly new Ibanez Signature Model

I wonder if the ‘NDM4’ will be the first Ibanez signature model to come with a hella cool silver ball necklace. sk8 4 lyf.


‘Memba the 90’s? Y’know, skating down to the arcade with your friends in your stupid-chunky skate shoes, your chain wallet flailing douche-ily with every push, while listening to Ixnay On The Hombre on your discman with Anti-Shock…

Anyways, ol’ Noodles from The Offspring has a brand new version of his ‘NDM’ Ibanez signature guitar.

Check out the basic specs:

•Neck type – NDM 3pc Maple neck
•Body – Basswood body
•Fretboard – Rosewood fretboard w/White dot inlay
•Fret – Medium frets
•Bridge – Fixed bridge
•Neck – pickup Super 9 (S) neck pickup (Passive/Alnico)
•Bridge – pickup Super 9 (S) bridge pickup (Passive/Alnico)

NDM4 - Noodles Ibanez signature model

So wait, p-90 is a pickup? I thought it was a workout routine.

The guitar’s silhouette is basically an Ibanez ‘FR’ body, with a bit more Telecaster, and a ‘Talman’ headstock. It’s a nice looking finish too. I’m a sucker for a good sunburst finish and the ‘FR’ shape.

Plus, having “backward” pointing input jack is a really crafty design decision. The cable angle will be perfect for playing live. Really those weirdo, single coil, soap bar pickups thingies are the only downside to the design that I can see on this bad boy. It really feels like that pickup choice was a conscious decision to not conform and make a typical “rock” guitar.

Maybe you don’t need humbuckers to play cali-punk, but 99.9% of guitar players would swap those p-90s for humbuckers ASAP.

For the full specs and all the gory details, head over to the official Ibanez website.

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  • “99.9% of guitar players….” who love Periphery. The rest of us enjoy a good P-90.

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