NEURAL DSP’s Rolls Out New Beta For Desktop Cortex Control

Neural DSP has just unveiled the beta for their new Cortex Control software. The Cortex Control allows you to manage every feature and setting of your Quad Cortex on your desktop, which is great news for anyone with a boatload of tones and presets.


The Cortex Control allows you edit, upload, or delete multiple Presets with a few clicks, as well as lets you create and manage local backups of your Quad Cortex directly on your computer. Better yet, you can add IRs straight to your Quad Cortex from your desktop via your Cortex Cloud account.

“An open beta is a crucial step in refining and enhancing our software,” wrote Neural DSP of the Beta. “During this phase, you will encounter bugs, issues, or unexpected behavior. We want to emphasize that this is entirely normal and expected. Your feedback and reports are invaluable in helping us identify and address these challenges to make Cortex Control even better.”

Download it here. And if you don’t have a Quad Cortex, you can get one here for $1,699.

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