NEURAL DSP Teams With MATEUS ASATO For New Archetype

Neural DSP has teamed up with Mateus Asato for the brand new Archetype: Mateus Asato. If you’re unfamiliar with Asato, he’s risen to fame throughout various Instagram communities, and for good reason – the guy’s playing is incredible.


The Archetype: Mateus Asato offers four pre-effects – an opt-based compressor, a mid-gain overdrive, a secondary and fuzzier overdrive, and an all-in-one tremolo combined with a classic analog chorus and vibrato – alongside three amplifiers. They are:

  • Vintage Clean – A British-voiced amp made tighter, brighter, and punchier. Incredibly dynamic and responsive, perfect for edge-of-breakup tones.
  • Modern Clean – A boutique re-interpretation of a Fender-style amplifier. Gigantic headroom for big, warm clean tones. Ideal for use with single-coil pickups.
  • Lead – Excellent for mid-high gain sounds. Its natural compression makes it very pleasant for playing lead, while remaining precise and responsive for rhythm playing.

Then there’s a comprehensive cabsim module with hundreds of IRs, 10 virtual microphones, a 9-band graphic EQ, and a handful of classic effects like reverb, echo, a transposer, and a doubler. The Archetype: Mateus Asato can be run as a standalone program or in your DAW of choice. The Archetype: Mateus Asato is available here for roughly $125.

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