NEURAL DSP Launches First Quad Cortex-Compatible Plugin

Neural DSP has finally launched its first-ever Quad Cortex-compatible plugin in the form of Archetype: Plini X. The Archetype: Plini X is an update to the already-existing Archetype: Plini and is a completely free addition, though users will have to wait for a Quad Cortex update for the plugin to be useable. Or as Neural DSP puts it, “Our plugins and Quad Cortex are built on two extremely different architectures, and how we build plugins has evolved drastically over the past five years.”


The Archetype: Plini X brings along new octave, fuzz, delay, distortion, and modulation effects alongside the ability to transpose to new tunings, a doubler for all that extra beefy tone, a metronome, and a live tuner.

“Five years ago, we embarked on a groundbreaking journey with one of the most innovative and refreshing electric guitarists of our time, Plini. His remarkable sound, a blend of progressive, fusion, and metal styles, inspired us to create a plugin that could match his versatility and artistry.

“Plini’s collaboration brought out the best in us as engineers and musicians, inspiring us to create a plugin equipped with cutting-edge technology. What emerged was Archetype: Plini, a sonic masterpiece that not only met Plini’s exacting standards but set a new standard in the industry.

“Five years later, we’re pleased to introduce an evolution of our original masterpiece, providing artists with the modern tools they need to bring their musical visions to life, echoing the success and artistic growth that Plini has achieved over the past half-decade. It’s a reflection of our commitment to enhancing the music-making experience and celebrating Plini’s extraordinary contribution to the world of music.”

Get it here.

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