NEURAL DSP Launches Archetype: Rabea

Guitarist Rabea Massaad has teamed up with Neural DSP for a brand new Archetype. Above all, the Archetype: Massaad is the first of its kind to feature the Overlord monosynth alongside a handful of amplifiers and effects. The Overlord offers proprietary note triggering, pitch tracking, and envelope tracking algorithms all through your guitar. The Overlord features two oscillators with unison options, a ladder-style filter, and a built-in arpeggiator with a pre/post switch to change the synth’s placement in the signal chain.


Elsewhere, the Archetype: Massaad offers Dual Compressor, Octaver, Fuzz, and Overdrive effects and three amplifiers. These include a Traditional Cali cleans with added modern chime; a Rhythm amp that borders on the edge of breakup; and a Lead ampm that Neural DSP calls “an incredibly malleable modern high-gain amplifier.” Alongside a comprehensive cabsim module with brand-new IRs and six virtual microphones, the tonal possibilities are endless.

Get the Archetype: Massaad here.

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