NEURAL DSP Gave The Quad Cortex A Pretty Beefy Update

The Neural DSP Quad Core just got updated to the CorOS 2.0.0, and there’s some pretty big changes afoot.


The CorOS 2.0.0 most notably includes a Hybrid Mode, which allows you to assign a separate mode to each row of footswitches, making it perfect for smeone who’s show is particularly effects heavy. Or if you’re just big on switching around between a ton of presets. You can create a Hybrid Mode out of any of the three available modes. Additionally, you can remove modes you don’t use to toggle between 3, 2, or even just 1 active mode.

Elsehwhere, the update includes:

  • The ability to globally bypass Cabs, IR Loaders, or Neural Captures of cabs on any rows. Globally bypassed devices will be indicated with a bypass icon on The Grid but will not be greyed out.
  • A global EQ has been added to Out 1/2 and Out 3/4, and is available via the I/O Settings screen. Tap the EQ button on the I/O Settings screen to open a 5-band parametric EQ that you can assign to either Out 1/2, Out 3/4, or both pairs of outputs.
  • It is now possible to configure which outputs the Master Volume Knob controls via the Device Options screen. The level of Send 1/2 is only controlled by the Master Volume Knob when they are being used as outputs and not when they are being used in an FX Loop block on The Grid.
  • A gain reduction meter has been added to the parameter editor of all Compressor devices except the Jewel and Chief CS3.

And way more. Check out the full list of upgrades here.

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