NEURAL DSP And FORTIN AMPLIFICATION Unveil New Metal Amp Plugin: The Fortin Nameless Suite (Feat. OLA ENGLUND)


That’s right, the good people at Neural DSP and Mike Fortin of Fortin Amplification have teamed up to release their newest collaborative effort: The Fortin Nameless Suite! The guitar plugin emulates the classic Fortin amplifier and also comes loaded with a model of the Fortin GRIND pedal, which adds detail and clarity that let the tones truly shine. The plugin also includes a comprehensive and adaptive guitar cabinet simulation, featuring six virtual microphones for maximum flexibility. But don’t’ just take our word for it, check out the Metal Viking himself Ola Englund demoing the plugin above!

The Fortin Nameless Suite plugin is now available for pre-order at a very affordable €89.99, so get on it!

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