NEURAL DSP Drops New Tone King Imperial MKII Plugin

Neural DSP is saving you the effort of hunting down, and subsequently spending a ton on, a Tone King Imperial MKII.


The newly-modeled Tone King Imperial MKII offers the classic amplifier’s lead and rhythm guitar channels, as well as both its clean and crunch tones. The sim also comes with unique features like a built-in reactive attenuator, a mappable wah pedal, and a compressor, and two overdrive pedals. As for the “amp” itself, there’s an onboard 9-band graphic equalizer, two speakers, eight virtual microphones (including two new vintage microphones; the AKG C414 B ULS and the Sennheiser MD409-U3), and our proprietary room mic section.

The Tone King Imperial MKII is available here for €99.