NEURAL DSP Drops New MESA/BOOGIE Mark IIC+ Plugin Suite

MESA/Boogie has teamed up with Neural DSP for a new plugin suite modeled after their legendary MESA/Boogie Mark IIC+. The suite was designed by MESA/Boogie and is perfect for anyone who’s looking for that Hetfield-styled crunch tone. Or that Petrucci lead goodness, if you’re alternate picking is up to that ridiculous speed.


The Neural Mark IIC+ features a front panel with push/pull knobs for Bright/Rhythm, Bright/Lead, Treble, Bass, Deep, and Lead/Rhythm, plus a five-band graphic EQ. In the back, are Presence and Reverb controls, and a Simul-Class/Class A switch that allows users to select the power amp topology.

Also included is a quartet of pre-effects–with a pair of overdrives that can take users from a subtle boost to classic tube saturation, and a compressor for rich, glassy clean tones, and a chorus unit – plus a pair of post-effects, including a BBD-style stereo delay and an ’80s-style hall reverb.

The Mark IIC+ suite features a separate nine-band graphic EQ, a cabsim module with hundreds of IRs, and three speaker options – a MESA/Boogie Rectifier Standard Slant 4×12, a Traditional Slant 4×12, and stacked Horizontal 2x12s – 10 virtual microphones, and Neural DSP’s proprietary room-mic section. In addition to the hundreds of IRs that come with the suite, users also have the ability to load their own IRs.

Get it here for €99

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