NEUMANN To Reissue M 49 Microphone

Neumann has finally delivered on the rumors of an M 49 reissue, giving the world the brand new Neumann M 49 V (V as in “Variable”) microphone! There’s not a ton known about the microphone at the moment other than it’ll be insanely limited, as Neumann points out there are “only three people on this planet able to assemble an M 49 V.” So y’know, the usual insane attention to detail that makes Neumann who they are.


As for why this reissue is a big deal, it’s mostly because there haven’t been any M 49s in production since 1974. The microphone underwent a handful of iterations between its original production in 1949 and its discontinuation date, and getting your hands on one isn’t easy… or cheap. Though I guess the reissue also probably won’t be too cheap. Is anything from Neumann cheap?

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