NEUMANN Announces M 49 Microphone Reissue

Neumann began teasing a potential reissue of the Neumann M 49 earlier this month, and now it’s here! Neumann has officially announced the Neumann M 49 V for a predictably-high price of $8,499.99. Considering a used version of previous iterations of the microphone go for somewhere in the range of $22,000, it’s not so bad… in context.


The Neumann M 49 V is created to mirror the circuitry of the most recent version of the microphone, the M 49 c. The M 49 V also offers a lower noise subminiature tube and an RF-proof connector to do away with any high-frequency interference. The M 49 V also has a 1st order high pass filter at 30 Hz to supress low-frequency interference, and can be lowered to 12 Hz via an internal switch S4. The microphone also includes the iconic yoke mount and is delivered in a high-quality case.

As for availability, all we know is that Neumann CEO Ralf Oehl said “…we can only hand-manufacture about 25 pieces per month with three specially trained employees.” So get one here.

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