NATIVEAUDIO’s New Rising Sun V2 Offers Vintage Amp Tremolo

The new NativeAudio Rising Sun tremolo pedal is an optical tremolo pedal that mimics the tremolo you’d find in vintage amplifiers. The pedal offers controls over Volume, Waveform, and Depth, as well as both Tap and Ramp modes. Tap mode splits the tremolo into four sub-divisions for tap-tempo capability, while Ramp mode allows for smooth transition between two selectable tremolo speeds.


Perhaps more importantly here is the killer artwork on the front of the pedal. Owner Mike Trombley explains.

The Rising Sun is a tribute to my Blackfeet (Amsskaapipiikuni) heritage,” said Trombley. “The Blackfeet were nomadic, but their movement wasn’t aimless. They traveled with a purpose, knowing where food and resources were plentiful. The teepee (niitoy-yiss) served as shelter because of its ability to fit the nomadic lifestyle of the Blackfeet. When setting up camp, the Blackfeet pitched their teepee doors towards the eastern sky. Every morning, the Blackfeet would open their doors so that their prayers could travel to the Rising Sun, which would help the sun (Natosi) reach above the horizon for another day. The Rising Sun artwork looks towards the eastern sky as the sun rises over the horizon.

The Rising Sun is available here for $239.

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