ZOOM Offers A Ton Of Overdrive And Distortion With The MS-200D+

Zoom is out here doing what they do best – making affordable multi-effects pedals. Or in this case, distortion and overdrive.


Anyway, the MS-200D+ contains 200 unique drive and distortion effects with the added ability to tweak, adjust, and save your own presets for later use via the four onboard parameter knobs and Cross Key switches. Better yet, the MS-200D+ also offers a built-in tuner, sleek metal housing, USB-C power compatibility, and dual-effect processing. But let’s get back to that while “200 crunchy tones” bit for a second.

The MS-200D+ MultiStomp offers up 36 emulations of classic tones from prog-rock fuzz to overdriven grunge sounds and beyond (on top of the aforementioned 200). Plus, four onboard encoder knobs allow you to fine-tune the parameters of your chosen effect just like any other hardware pedal. The MS-200D+ lets you use up to two effects at once for unique layering possibilities, and brings with it a color-changing LCD screen for distinguishable effect surfing.

Get the MS-200D+ here for $139.99.

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