THIRD MAN RECORDS And DONNER Team Up For Triple Threat Effects Pedal

Jack White’s Third Man Records and Donner recently began teasing something, and now it’s here! Third Man and Donner have just introduced their new Triple Threat multi-effects pedal that includes high gain distortion, with volume, gain, and tone controls; a classic phaser upgraded from the Pearl Tremor pedal by Donner; and a an analog voiced echo originated from Donner’s first ever pedal, the Yellow Fall Delay released in 2013.


“It has been my hope for a while to make an affordable pedal for beginning musicians,” said White. “When I approached Donner they knew what I was aiming for and we were able to make something very cool that was also not going to break the bank for a beginning musician.

“All three effects: the distortion, phaser and echo are all heavy duty. I was very impressed with them the first time I plugged into the prototype version that Donner had sent. This set of effects is for all kinds of music, all genres. Maybe not opera, though. The Triple Threat will fit very comfortably on my pedalboard.”

The Triple Threat is available here for a very affordable $99 in Black, or $129 in a Yellow colorway with Black text.

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