STRANDBERG Introduces New, Affordable Boden Models

.strandberg* has finally unveiled a version of their Boden model that won’t cost you the down payment on a car (even though they’re worth it). The new Boden Essential offers everything you’d expect from a .strandberg* in 2024 – low weight and ergonomic body shape, great balance, playability of the patented EndurNeck, and an acoustic resonance that is the hallmark of the .strandberg* feel and sound.


“The Boden Essential embodies a commitment to inclusivity and innovation. It’s not just a guitar; it’s an invitation for musicians of all levels to experience the iconic design features of .strandberg*, to facilitate a more enjoyable playing experience,” said Ola Strandberg, founder of .strandberg*

.strandberg* added as a description: “The Boden Essential is for all electric guitar players who are interested in a modern state-of-the-art electric guitar with innovative ergonomic features that can cover virtually any musical genre and playing style. It is also for the open-minded and forward-looking musician who is willing to try something different that is also practical and logical. It is for all players who seek an organic and balanced sound that will inspire them to focus on the music and be more creative.”

The Boden Essential is available here in Elemental Blue, Astro Dust, and Black Granite finishes all for $999.

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