Roland Launches New Dual Bus Streaming Mixer With Video Capture, The Bridge Cast X

Roland has announced their brand new BRIDGE CAST X, the latest addition to the growing family of BRIDGE CAST products for online gaming and livestreaming. BRIDGE CAST X is a desktop interface and connection hub that allows streamers to simplify their setups thanks to multiple USB-C, HDMI, and audio ports for simultaneous connectivity. BRIDGE CAST X also includes an XLR mic input, assignable control pads, and support for thousands of royalty-free backing music titles.


To break it down, the BRIDGE CAST X has two USB-C ports, two HDMI inputs, and an HDMI Thru connector to feed an external gaming monitor. The BRIDGE CAST X also has six assignable control pads to enhance streams, providing quick triggering of sound effects, background music, OBS commands, and more. The companion BRIDGE CAST app unlocks deeper features including mic and audio processing, voice transformer settings, Game EQ presets, and more. It’s also possible to re-assign hardware controls and save/recall configurations for different games and streaming audiences.

BGM CAST extends the powerful AV tools in BRIDGE CAST X with direct access to a high-quality music library. Everything is managed within the BRIDGE CAST app, eliminating the need for third-party music services and complicated computer software setups.

All tracks in BGM CAST are royalty-free, giving streamers unlimited use without fear of copyright strikes on their channels. A free Roland Account provides 36 background music tracks and 16 sound effects to use at no charge. Signing up for Roland Cloud Core membership through the BRIDGE CAST app unlocks thousands of additional music tracks and hundreds of sound effects, with new selections added each month.

Get it here for $499.

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