REVV Celebrates A Whole Decade With New Their Revv Generator 120 10th Anniversary Edition

Revv is celebrating a whole decade of fantastic tone with their 10th anniversary Generator 120B. Lead Designer Dan Trudeau states “We learn a lot every year and the amps improve along the way, but I did notice certain early revisions becoming cult favorites. I wanted to combine our pride and joy, the MK3 with the raw power that gets players excited about those models.”


The modded Generator 120B 4-channel firebreather has the same functionality as Revv’s production model Generator 120 MK3 – Two Notes direct capabilities included – and features an exclusive silver faceplate and black bronco tolex colorway alongside its custom tone tweaks.

“I met Dan Trudeau back in 2013 and got a chance to try his prototype of the Generator 120, I was blown away, told him it was the best high gain amp I had ever played and ordered one from him,” said Derek Eastveld, V.P. Sales & Marketing Revv Amplification, Inc..

“The 120 Rev. B reminds me of what I fell in love with on that original Generator prototype. It has that super responsive midrange clang when you dig in that and gives you this fun feeling like you can play anything. It’s great that we’re able to do something really special for the 10th anniversary of the Generator 120; it feels like we’ve combined a decade of experience with that original mojo that makes you smile when you hit a chord.”

The Revv Amplification 10th Anniversary Generator 120 Rev. B features:

  • High Gain Redefined – The game-changing Revv Generator 120 MK3 w/ custom shop tone tweaks based on sought-after early Revv amps.
  • Limited Edition – In exclusive silver faceplate + black bronco tolex anniversary colorway limited to 200 units.
  • Flagship Performance – 4 independent multi-voice channels, integrated reverb & noise gate, comprehensive MIDI support, buffered FX loop, & 2 switchable master volumes.
  • Go Direct – Two notes Audio Engineering Torpedo-embedded reactive load & DynIR.
  • 4x EL34, 5x 12AX7 w/ selectable 120/10 watt operation & programmable footswitch.
  • Manufactured in Canada to rugged quality standards w/ 5-year registered limited warranty.

Get it here for $3,299.

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