REVEREND’s BILLY CORGAN Drop Z Models Lets You Go Lower

Reverend Guitars has just unveiled their latest collaboration with Smashing Pumpkins’ mastermind Billy Corgan, the Drop Z. The Drop Z offers a 26.22″ scale and 24 frets, giving you the option to go way lower while still grabbing some of those higher notes.


The Drop Z offers an Alder body, a Roasted Maple neck and fretboard. It possesses an oval profile, and Corgan’s signature Railhammer Z-One pickups. Top that all off with aluminum pickguard, all-chrome hardware, and Pearl White and High Tide Blue finishes and you’ve got… well, the option to tune down and sling some beefy riffs. Or play “1979” a bunch and feel cool. Whatever you gotta do.

On the overall design pointing a finger at Smashing Pumpkins’ EP The Aeroplane Flies High, Corgan noted (via Guitar World): “I get so many compliments, people love the design element. It’s something I wouldn’t usually think of, and so it’s become really signature to the way I view the guitar and it also represents a bit of my history.”

Get ’em both here for $1,499.

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