MOOER Unveils New Octaver And Harmony X2 Pedals

If you’re looking to spice up your player without adding a second guitarist, Mooer has two pretty interesting new pedals for you!


First up is the Octaver, which is what you think it is – an octave pedal. Unlike the Pure and Purer Octave pedals which focus on pitch-shifting by the semitone, the Tender Octaver X2 is designed to focus solely on octave shifts.

When using the pedal, players can choose between two different octave shift modes, adding both subjacent and upper frequencies to your sound. Both options have two dedicated rotatable dials, one for determining the volume of the added octave, and one for fine-tuning its tonal color.

Both of these octave effects can be used independently and can be toggled on or off with their own easy-access footswitches, each paired with its own LED light to indicate its current activation status. Each effect can also be used simultaneously.

The Harmony X2 offers players the option to select between the 12 pitches of the chromatic scale to customize their harmonies, with each pitch facilitating both major and minor scales. Once a root note has been chosen, a further 11 harmony modes enable further customization of harmonic intervals. The Harmony X2 also allows players to choose separate harmonic intervals for the left and right output, both of which can also have their volume adjusted independently by their dedicated dials.

Then you can further customize your sound with the Dry to determine the level of unprocessed guitar signal in the overall mix, and save it all with the Save button.

Check both pedals out over at Mooer’s website.

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