KEELEY Teams With ANDY TIMMONS For New Overdrive Pedal

If you’ve ever wanted to get that smooth-as-hell Andy Timmons tone, Keeley is giving you that option.


The Muse Driver combines a three-control blues driver circuit with two switches for the voicing Drive and Tone characteristics. The Drive toggle engages two germanium diodes for a smoother, slightly compressed drive, while players can switch to Andy’s clipping style for a brighter and more articulate attack. The Muse Driver can be switched between true-bypass and buffered bypass at any time.

As a quick rundown of the Muse Driver:

  • Germanium based overdrive crafted with Andy Timmons direction
  • AT/RK Tone Switch cuts lows for a clarity or boosts low-end for power
  • AT/RK Drive Switch alternates between asymmetrical silicon to dual germanium diodes
  • Buffered Bypass or True Bypass – Change instantly depending on your rig’s needs
  • JFET Transistors, Germanium Diodes and Op-Amp Gain combine to form harmonically rich overdrive
  • 9 to 18 Volt operation for huge dynamic range and headroom

Get it here for $199.

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