GIBSON Gets Back Into The Amp Game With New Falcon Models

Gibson is getting back into the amplifier game with two classic models reimagined for today’s players – the Falcon 5 and Falcon 20.


Both the Falcon 5 and Falcon 20 combos throw things back to the styles and sounds of Gibson circa the late 1950s and early 1960s, but feature all-new circuits developed by Randall Smith and the MESA/Boogie Design Team. So the aesthetic might be older, but the Falcon 5 and Falcon 20 pack some high-powered tube tone that could probably piss off your neighbors. Give it a shot and don’t tell ’em we told you.

The Falcon 5 tube amp delivers around seven watts of single-ended Class A power from a single 6V6 power tube, switchable down to around three watts. Alongside volume and tone controls with a wider, more usable range, there’s a level control for the Falcon 5’s onboard all-tube spring reverb, and a 10″ Jensen Blackbird Alnico speaker

The Falcon 20 offers dual 6V6 power stage with Multi-Watt technology to deliver 12, five, or bedroom-friendly one-watt Class A power modes, making it a perfect tube amp for small gigs, with the ability to reduce output for home use. All-tube tremolo joins spring reverb in the onboard effects section, switchable remotely via the supplied two-button footswitch. A 12″ Jensen Blackbird Alnico speaker offers a bit more than the Falcon 5, including a beefier bass response.

Both Falcon circuits have been designed with the option to substitute the supplied 6V6 power tubes with optional 6L6 tubes, further adding to their flexibility, headroom, and punch.

The Falcon 5 is available here for $1,499, while the Falcon 20 is available here for $1,799.

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