GAMECHANGER AUDIO’s MOD Series Offers A Unique Take On Pedals

Have you ever wished your guitar pedals were modular synth units? Because Gamechanger Audio has, and they made three of ’em. The MOD Series is a fusion of classic pedal design with the world of modular synthesis. Each pedal has two modulation sources – Dynamics, which follows the volume nuances of your playing; and the Pitch tracker, which detects note choices, bends, and vibratos.


Each of the primary effect knobs is paired with a corresponding smaller modulation amount knob, also known as an attenuverter. This allows you to precisely dial in the modulation amount and the direction for each effect knob independently.

Then there’s the option for Stereo and Mono signal processing, switchable input levels (Instrument, Line, or Eurorack), switchable Level knob functionality, Track inputs and outputs for controlling modulation, and MIDI/CLK input for MIDI clock or analog trigger sync for time base effects.

The MOD REVERB, which offers:

  • 3 algorithms: Plate, Spring, And Hall
  • 4 streamlined controls: Level, Decay, Tone, and Drive
  • 3 stereo spread settings: 0%, 50%, 100%

The MOD CHORUS, which offers:

  • 3 algorithms: Chorus, Ensemble, and Flange
  • 4 streamlined controls: Level, Depth, Rate, and Feedback
  • 3 shapes: Sawtooth, Sine, and Ramp

The MOD DELAY, which offers:

  • 3 delay algorithms: Tape, Analog, and Digital
  • 4 streamlined controls: Level, Time, Feedback, and Tone
  • 3 Ping Pong panning settings: 0%, 50%, 100%
  • MIDI or analog clock synchronization
  • Tap tempo accessible via long press of the ON footswitch

Get each here for $299.

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