BLACKSTAR Upgrades Their ID:CORE Practice Amp

Blackstar has just unveiled the fourth generation of their ID:CORE line of practice amps, and they’ve got quite a few features.


The ID:CORE V4 offers free Architect software for deep editing and patch sharing online, as well as 12 built-in effects that are specifically designed to be immersive Super Wide Stereo. ID:CORE V4 also offers six onboard tones including two cleans, a classic medium gain overdrive, a “Super Crunch” tone, and then two overdrives.

Then there’s the direct-to-phone TRRS audio for high quality livestreaming or recording videos, as well as the ability to store and recall your saved patches directly from the Architect software. You can also knock the ID:CORE V4 down to 1-watt to play at lower volumes without sacrificing tonal quality.

The ID:CORE V4 is also a great tool for recording as it features direct USB recording and comes with the fully customizable CabRig Lite, Blackstar’s very own advanced speaker simulator. The CabRig Lite offers user-configurable controls for elements such as cabinet and mic placement, as well as what “room” you’re playing in.

ID:CORE V4 is available in three iterations – Stereo 10 at 10-watts and two Blackstar 3″ speakers for $159.99, Stereo 20 at 20-watts and two Blackstar 5″ speakers for $199.99, and Stereo 40 at 40-watts and two Blackstar 6.5″ speakers for $229.99. Get all three here.

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