NAMM 2015 – REVV AMPLIFICATION Is Revv-olutionizing Metal Amplifiers

Revv Amplification is a company that’s only a year old, but they have come out swinging. They manufacture 3 different amps – The Generator 40w, 100w, and 120w – as well as 3 styles of cabinets. A cool feature of the cabinets that I’ve never seen before is that the logo lights up for a unique onstage flair.


But that’s hardly the only thing that sets Revv apart from the other amps out there, and it’s far from the most important. The MIDI switching on these amps is next-level, and it might make you question not just your current choice in amps, but every decision you’ve made in your life. The head can phantom-power the included MIDI footswitch, which can store 6 patches with settings for channel, effects loop, and which master volume is active (to set a solo boost or to offset the clean volume). Since they’re MIDI integrated, they can be switched by other MIDI devices (such as messages from your backing tracks a la Periphery) or rack effects.


The 120 watt, 4-channel Generator.

The other thing that caught my attention was the Aggression switch (which can also be saved with each patch). It functions like a built-in high pass filter (the way you might commonly use an OD pedal) to tighten your amp’s sound without adding an external device (such as the Focus pedal). This is likely where the company’s motto – “No mud allowed!” – comes from.

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