NAMM 2015 – Panama Guitars Doesn’t Make Guitars, But Is Based In Panama

As we continue our runoff of NAMM videos, we start to get into some of the lesser-known companies. Panama Guitars is a deceptively named company that is brand new, and builds speakers, speaker cabs and amplifiers on the side of a Panamanian volcano.


The visual component of their amps reflects this vibe, so much so that they eschew words on their controls and instead (like the “Pics Only” Orange amps of yore) have graphic displays that require a translation key to operate. At first I thought that maybe that was a bad idea, like who wants to bother with an extra step? But then I figured that if you didn’t read the translations, then what you could have was a totally intuitive experience with your amp – want to know what a knob does? Turn it! Do you like more of that? Crank it! Hate it? Turn it down!

No matter the format, Panama amps sounded pretty sweet in real life, and although you only get a little bit of a demo at either end of this video from the esteemed Rabea Massaad (of the band Dorje with Rob Chapman), you can certainly get the idea.

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  • Bea is such a beast! My name is Lee C and I am a Brand Ambassador and Beta Tester for Panama Guitars. If you have questions about any of the products, just reply here or email me at: Rock on!!

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