NAMM 2015 – New Petrucci Guitars from Sterling by MusicMan

Sterling By MusicMan is of course the more affordable import versions of the high-end Ernie Ball guitars we all drool over (I have one, and I still drool over it). They’ve just added a few more models to their lineup this year – the JP100D-MKOA, the Jp60 in Mystic Green finish, the JP170D, and the JP70PRB.


The Mystic Green finish is of course based on the Mystic Dream EBMM finish, although I used to have one of those and in this author’s humble opinion, the new Mystic Green looks better. The JP100D-MKOA is of course a Koa wood model, which is pretty cool looking.

Anyway, I won’t spoil the rest, just watch the video:

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