NAMM 2015 – IBANEZ Iron Label Xiphos & ARZ 8 String

Ibanez released so many new guitars this year that we shot like 5 videos to cover all of them. This article is in reference to the metal-centric Iron Label series, and the two new additions thereof.


The one that really piqued my interest was the murdered-out matte black Xiphos XPIR20E, which is a shape I’ve always liked – pointy without being too 80’s, really comfortable to play, hangs nicely with no neck dive, and very metal. It’s now available as an Iron Label with all black everything, black hardware, black Edge Zero II tremolo, black EMG 81/60, black paint job – all black everything.

Still black, but somewhat less kidnap-van black, the ARZIR28 8 string is the 8 string LP style you’ve been waiting for. With EMG 808s and a Fulltone III bridge, this 27″ scale guitar is a very straightforward/no nonsense metal machine.

Check out the shots we got of both of these axes at NAMM:


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