NAMM 2014 Preview: Evans EMAD Heavyweight Bass Drum Heads

Evans heads is introducing its newest creation, the EMAD Heavyweight head, just in time for NAMM 2014. EMAD stands for Externally Mounted Adjustable Damper, and is meant to be the cure for the “pillow in the kick drum” ring deadening trick. The original EMAD heads were single ply, so if you like those but want a more durable head and don’t want to pop a kick pedal through it (like Brennan Kunkel did while recording the new Cormorant album) then this is the head for you. I’m predicting that these could become very popular among metal drummers looking for punchy sounding heads that they can beat the ever-loving daylights out of.


From the Evans press release:

“Evans is proud to launch its most durable film-based drumheads yet, the EMAD Heavyweight bass drum head and the Heavyweight snare batter head. With EMAD Heavyweight’s two plies of 10mil film, a total thickness of 20 mils, drummers don’t have to worry about putting the kick through the head. The new Heavyweight Snare batter employs two plies of 10mil film plus a 3mil reverse dot, for a total thickness of 23 mils in the playing area. Drummers can perform with as much force as needed without concern.”

You heard the man. Smack those tubs with impunity. Check them out here.


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