Offers Netflix-Style Music Lessons

Here’s a pretty cool new idea – a website that offers subscriptions of streaming music lessons. offers lessons for piano, guitar, voice, drums, bass, and music theory, all on one site. With subscriptions starting at $14.99/month, you can learn songs on these various instruments organized by difficulty level.


There’s lots of tutorials on YouTube, and many of them are even pretty good, but most of them are made by amateurs, and not pro teachers with excellent production. Even great players sometimes don’t make good instructors, so it’s always nice to have someone who teaches for a living on the other end. Lots of “tutorials” I see on the internet are just a demonstration, without enough exposition of the intricacies of what’s going on while they’re performing.

I found that most of the lessons on the site are geared towards beginners, and that even the more advanced ones aren’t for particularly advanced musicians. Also, most of the music is pop or basic rock songs. But if you’re just getting started on your instrument, then this is a really good place to start, with friendly and encouraging teachers and easy material.

I think the format is good too, and if they can expand to cover more difficult stuff and a broader style base, it could become something really great.

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