Here Are The 30 Most Expensive Things That Sold On DISCOGS In August 2018

Ahh yes, Discogs. If you’re any sort of music collector, you may have used their services to buy one or twenty records online. And if you’re anything like me, some of the vinyl they have to offer can be hard to pass up, so this list of the most expensive things that sold on their site during this past August with either make your wallet laugh or cry.


Seriously though, there are some true gems here, from Elizabeth/Death Knell by Ghost which sold for $1315 USD to Deathcrush by Mayhem which went for $1500 USD, there’s a good bit of stuff that’ll make you shake your head in amazement. It’s also pretty crazy to see the differences in prices with #30 versus #1 on the list. Go on, see for yourself.

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