MOOG and KORG Make Synth Apps FREE

That’s right everyone! Believe or not, some companies are actually considering the fact that lots of us in the music world are out of work. Korg and Moog are two LEGENDARY synth companies and they’re making it HAPPEN for us broke bois and gals.


Korg has made their iKaossilator for IOS and Kaossilator for Android FREE for the time being. This is normally a twenty-dollar app, so definitely take advantage. I got it last week and it’s pretty sick for making weird glitchy beats and sounds. You can pick that guy up right here.

Moog has also made their Minimoog Model D Synthesizer for IOS free to download on the App Store. This little powerhouse houses all of your favorite classic Moog sounds in a friendly little portable app that sounds great.

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