MOOER Updates D7 Delay and R7 Reverb Pedals in New X2 Series

Mooer Audio has announced their new X2 Series, featuring updated versions of both their D7 Delay Pedal and R7 Reverb Pedal.


The new D7 X2 Delay Pedal features 14 high-quality delay effects with added stereo inputs and outputs. The range of delay effects offered by the new D7 X2 Delay Pedal include classic analog and tape delays, to more modern and experimental delays. Players can tweak the parameters of each delay thanks to two Tweak knobs, and further customize things with the Mix, Time, and Feedback knobs.

The D7 X2 Delay Pedal features tap-tempo support for easy speed control and Trail On function allows effects to fade out naturally.

Then there’s the new R7 X2 Reverb Pedal, which combines Mooer’s digital effects algorithms from both the A7 Ambiance and R7 Reverb into one pedal. Options for sculpting the reverb offered by the R7 X2 Reverb Pedal include High Cut, Low Cut, and Mix for adjusting the EQ, and Decay and Pre-Delay knobs for adjusting the intensity of each effect

The R7 X2 Reverb Pedal brings 14 different types of reverb, storable presets, and an Infinite function for endless reverb tail in more ambient settings.

Learn more about the pedals via Mooer’s website.

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