MOOER Makes Headless Guitars Now

Mooer rolled out their GTRS Intelligent Guitar last year, which sought to marry the traditional guitar with more of a digital aspect, and people clearly got into it big time. Now Mooer is back with both the W800 and W900 headless guitars and they’re just as futuristic looking!


The W800 and W900 offer Alder bodies with pretty steep contours, C-shape Roasted Flame Maple necks with 12″-radius Indian rosewood fingerboard, and Mooer’s own proprietary GTRS HL-I bridge that we saw on the previous guitar. Both the W800 and W900 offer GTRS HM-2N and HM-2B humbuckers and come loaded with the Super Knob, which is… insane.

The knob offers 11 guitar sims, 126 guitar effects, 40 drum patterns, 10 metronome variations, and an 80 second looper for you to truly become a one-man band. Or one-man practice. Better yet, the Super Knob also offers 36 different tone presets and is all controlled by an app that also allows for quiet practicing.

The difference between the two models is that the W900 has a slightly longer battery life in its GTRS Intelligent system and comes with a UHF wireless transmitter. Check ’em out here.

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