MOOER Launches More Powerful Version of Compact Hornet Amp

Mooer is here to help you save space and still have a solid-sounding amp, thanks to its new version of the classically compact Hornet amplifier.


The new version of the Hornet bumps up the amp’s usual 6.5″ speak and 15 watt power to a beefier 8″ speaker and 30 watt power. The new, more powerful version of the Hornet still retains its ability to model nine high quality digital amp models and boasts modulation, delay and reverb effects with independent tap tempo. The Hornet can store and recall up to nine user presets, and offers wireless Bluetooth connectivity and an auxiliary input for audio playback from an external device.

Basically the new version of the Hornet is everything you love about the older version of the Hornet, just more powerful and louder. Which is all we really want out of everything ever anyway, right?

The 30 watt Hornet will be available soon, and will offer both black and white options.

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