MOOER Expands Their Intelligent Guitar Series With The M800

Mooer is back with the latest installment of their intelligent GTRS brand, this time with the M800.


So what makes the GTRS M800 smart? The M800 features a built-in G100 Intelligent Processing System, letting players craft their tone with the the GTRS app. This means no external effects are needed – The Intelligent processor System includes 16 guitar sims, 128 effects, 40 drum tracks, 10 metronomes and even an 80-second looping feature.

Even better, the M800 features a special “Super Knob” which allows 4 presets changing or guitar sim on/off in real time. The M800 also supports the GWF4 Wireless Footswitch, allowing for faster navigation of the effects.

Outside that, the M800 is also… a guitar. It’s got an Alder body with a High Gloss finish, available in Pearl White or Pearl Black. The bolt-on guitar neck is made from Roasted Maple, and it comes with a GTRS HMT-1N neck pickup and the GTRS HMT-1B bridge pickup.

Check it out here.

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