MOOER Drops New Prime S1 Intelligent Effects Pedal

Mooer has just released their brand new Prime S1, which they’re promising is not just a multi-effect pedal. Though it certainly has those capabilities.


The Prime S1 offers 126 internal guitar effects and tone presets, all editable, sharable, and downloadable through the MOOER Cloud platform. This includes a looper module, which offers up to 80 seconds of looping, real-time playback, loop deletion, and overdubbing. Loops and arrangements can also be recorded directly onto a mobile phone or tablet. The Prime S1 also comes with 40 synchronizable drum machines, 10 metronomes, and a tuner, all controlled by four simple footswitches.

the Prime S1 is powered solely by an integrated lithium battery and charged by a USB C port. Check it out here.

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