MOOER AUDIO Introduces Looper and Drum Machine Combo Pedal

The Mooer Audio Groove Loop X2 is here to provide you with looper and drum machine capabilities, all while taking up as much space as your run-of-the-mill pedal.


The Groove Loop X2 is a stereo loop pedal that offers 14 save slots and a 10-minute capacity per track. The looper portion of the pedal allows players to toggle the count-in mode, and offers an automatic mode that detects and begins the looper once a signal is detected. There’s also the option to use the looper as a regular ol’ looper. Even better, the Groove Loop X2 brings a Time Stretch function to the table that allows players to change the speed of playback without affecting the pitch, which might seem like a gamble, but not as much as the best online casinos Australia has.

On the drum machine side of things, the Groove Loop X2 features 121 different drum grooves across 11 different genres. The drum machine tempo can be set by Tap Tempo, or tempo will be automatically detected while playing when using with the looper. The pedal also features split stereo inputs and outputs, and the two separate sides can also be split out to two outputs.

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