Monte Pittman Has a TweetSecret, Probably Because He also Plays Guitar For Madonna

Because that’s the chorus to one of her songs… what you’ve never heard that one? I mean I know it’s not the most popular… ah forget it.


Anyway, the man who taught Madonna how to play that riff from “A New Level” doesn’t have to mete out his portions of metal when he’s shredding on his own time. At Gear Gods we’ve given his solo endeavors their fair share of coverage, because he’s not only a phenomenal player but a great instructor as well. And now it seems that you can subscribe to his lessons directly.

But it’s not through JamPlay. Not Bandhappy either. Monte Pittman is uploading his instructional luminance to… TweetSecret? What the hell is TweetSecret? Kind of sounds like some social media app for tweens who want to spread the word on who’s totally making out behind the benches during gym class (seriously, it seems the full name of the app is “It’s a Secret, Shh! by TweetSecret). But in actuality it’s a new video subscription service. Sick, yet another icon to clutter your wallpaper. I guess I can’t complain too much about how ridiculous the name is when my OS is called “Kit Kat.”

Pittman’s lessons will run you $2.99 per month, which doesn’t seem too unreasonable if the content is worthwhile. It seems like he updates pretty regularly. If anyone happens to be spending their Monte Money on the service and wants to chip on on the experience, please feel free to turn your TweetSecret into a TweetLeakret.

Need a link to download the app? It’s available on iOS and Android.

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