MISHA MANSOOR Signature JST Toneforge Guitar Plugin Available for Preorder

People have been chasing Periphery‘s guitar sound for ages, and there’s been no shortage of gear to bring us to the land of tone. We’ve seen signature pickups, pedals, and plugins, but Joey Sturgis and Misha Mansoor have been teasing something special since Winter NAMM. It’s finally here— the coveted Misha Mansoor Toneforge plugin from JST!


This plugin boasts a ton of new features like a digital version of the Precision Drive pedal and a built-in cab IR loader. That’s in addition to the three channel amp and impulses of Misha’s cabinets. It’s almost like they don’t want you to buy other plugins!

You can pre-order Misha Mansoor Toneforge for $99 and be entered for a chance to win the Horizon Devices Precision Drive pedal and one of Misha’s signature Jackson guitars. Have fun aggressively palm muting open strings, djentlemen!

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