MILE END EFFECTS Emulates IBANEZ FP-777 Flying Pan With New Pedal

Grabbing either an original or reissue Ibanez FP-777 Flying Pan isn’t exactly cheap. Fortunately, Mile End Effects is here to give you that classic Flying Pan tremolo and phasing effect without breaking the bank in the form of their new Julep pedal. The Julep is an optical stereo panning tremolo and phasing effect that offers independent controls for both the left and right channels, allowing for some pretty interesting combinations.


The Julep allows you to send stereo outputs to two different effects chains for even more possibilities, or even just run both outputs to different amplifiers. The Julep is controlled by Right and Left Depth, Rate, Phase Depth, Waveform, and Phase Rate knobs, as well as a Sync and Separate switch. Both the left and right sides of the Julep are individually activated by two separate footswitches.

The Julep is available here for $279 CAD (roughly $215).

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