MIDICAKE Rolls Out New Desktop Arpeggiator

Arpeggiators are useful from everything as a lead instrument (look no further than Stranger Things or any ’80s movie) to acting as a backdrop for your music. The Midicake ARP is here to do exactly that, and brings with it a pretty sleek design.


The Midicake ARP is a generator, sequencer, and controller that offers four generators to synchronize with external sequencers, as well as allows players to add complex and repeatable layers to compositions with minimal real-time input. The Midicake ARP also offers four polyphonic channels with each arpeggiator acting as a pad, chord, or arpeggio.

The Midicake ARP is coming soon. Learn more here. How soon, you might ask? The company has issued an update as of May that states “We’ve hit another snag with suppliers. We were unhappy with one of the internal components and decided to change the design at the beginning of April, however, after producing the parts the supplier informed us that they were not up to the required quality and they couldn’t fulfill the order. This has meant another delay as we have had to redesign again and are attempting to source an alternative. Still cannot confirm release dates I’m afraid. Will keep you posted.”

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