MESA/BOOGIE Launches New Stowaway, Highwire, and Clearlink Buffer/Line Drivers

Mesa/Boogie is known mainly for their groundbreaking and legendary amplifiers, but they also make a line of pedals, to which they have just added a series of buffers, boosters, and line drivers in the form of the Stowaway, Highwire, and Clearlink units. They each have different features and are different sizes, but they’re all there to achieve essentially the same end – to keep your signal fresh like morning donuts. Long cable runs, or lots of pedals, or both, can degrade your tone in very noticeable ways, and without some kind of buffer, you can wind up with a real lame sound.


Check out these informative two videos from Mesa that will explain in greater detail what each of the units do, and which one is right for your needs (or if you need one at all!).

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