Mesa/Boogie also Is Adding More ‘Merica to its Manufacturing, with these Fillmore Speakers

It’s a day of change in the gear world today. First ES of P starts making geetars in the US of A, and now Mesa/Boogie shines a new light on their Black Shadow speakers. Honestly the Black Shadow thing never made much sense to me. It just means “speakers that are in a Mesa Boogie cab,” because they’ve labeled all of their speakers that way, even though they were almost entirely stock Celestions like Vintage 30s and Greenbacks.


Although it looks like all of the companies old speakers will still be an option, Mesa’s guitar cabs will soon be featuring a new custom speaker, the Fillmore. It’s a 75-watt speaker, made by Eminence, and to my knowledge this is the first time that Mesa/Boogie has worked with the Kentucky-based speaker manufacturer. In fact, its implied in the press release that part of the reason for the change was that Eminence isn’t building these in China, unlike Celestion which ceased British production years ago. About ten years ago. And the press release states that Mesa/Boogie has been working on this speaker design for ten years…

No clips have been posted yet but some should be vibrating through the walls of the internet shortly. What other companies will move production to the US today? I’ll keep you posted.

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