MESA/BOOGIE – Eats Fresh With New Subway D-800+ Bass Amp

Mesa/Boogie has just launched a cool new bass amp called the Subway D-800+.  The amp is based on it Mesa’s well received Subway D-800.  Some of the new features on the D-800+ are a high pass filter, a sweep-able low and high mid controls, a series FX loop, a tuner output and a tuner output mute jack.  The amp also comes with a custom padded bag, which while it may seem kinda lame, is actually really cool.  Not many amps these days actually come with their own bag.  The demo was recorded with the D800+ head into Subway Ultra-Lite 2×10 and 1×15 cabinets via Beyer Dynamic Opus 99 (2×10) and a Beyer Dynamic M99 (1×15). Mesa Artist Ben Burleigh lays down some sweet bass riffs to show off the Subway D-800+.


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