MESA/BOOGIE Unveils Their Lightest Bass Amp Head

Mesa/Boogie has unveiled their brand new, ultra-compact Mesa Subway D-350 bass amplifier head. The head offers 350 watts of Class D power and weighs a whopping 3 pounds 2 ounces, making it Mesa/Boogie’s lightest offering to date. The Mesa Subway D-350 uses a solid-state preamp and switch-mode power supply for use with active or passive basses. The D-350 also offers an Input Mute switch allowing for inline tuner use silently and a Bright switch for a little more treble.


The Mesa Subway D-350 has a Variable Voicing control to adjust the amplifier’s response, while a fully active 4-band Baxandall EQ offers some fine-tuning aspects. The Mesa Subway D-350 is available here for $699.

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