MESA/BOOGIE Goes Vintage With New California Tweed 6V6 2:20 Models

Mesa/Boogie has updated their California Tweed series with a handful of new 20-watt versions. The new California Tweed 6V6 2:20 models include both a 1×10 and 1×12 combo, as well as a brand new head.


The California Tweed 6V6 2:20 models are powered by 2x6V6 Power Tubes, and feature 5x12AX7 and 1x12AT7 preamp tubes. They feature Normal & Low inputs, Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Presence, Reverb, and Master Controls alongside all-tube spring reverb with an external reverb switching jack and FX loop. The combos are available as both a 1×12″ and 1×10″ model, with each using a 12″ and 10″ Alnico Blackbird speaker depending on which you go with.

The California Tweed 6V6 2:20 1×12″ is available here for $2,099, the 1×10″ for $1,999, and the head for $1,849.

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