The tone titans at Mesa/Boogie have some exciting news as of late, because the company has just announced the release of their latest amp: the Rectifier Badlander 100-watt Tube Head!


Featuring Mesa/Boogie’s legendary tight, mid-forward tone, the Rectifier Badlander adds three selectable modes for each channel, a three-way power reduction switch, and an incredibly powerful built-in CabClone IR reactive loadbox! The amp sports the typical EQ controls, with an added Bold/Variac switch for even more fine-tuning of your tone. Finally, the tube head includes a serial effects loop, headphone output, and a 1-button footswitch

From Mesa/Boogie:

“The Rectifier® Badlander emerges with a new voice and a new attitude that redefines what a Recto® is. Tightened up, leaned out, and buffed in all the right places, the Badlander hits hard where it counts, stays tight on the bottom, and yet retains the sweet, singing top-end and inviting feel that MESA® is known for.

Two identical channels feature three dynamic new preamp modes, CabClone™ IR DI with 8 assignable virtual cabs per channel, reactive load for running “silent” and all new Multi-Watt EL34 Power. The Rectifier Badlander; Experience what 50 years of building high-performance tube amps can deliver from the folks who invented high gain. Available formats include 100-Watt Head or Rackmount Head and 50-Watt Head, Rackmount Head, or 1×12 Combo.”

The amp features:

  • 100W tube amp head with streamlined features, cutting-edge tech, and fire-breathing Recto sound
  • 2 channels with 3 selectable modes supply a versatile array of tones
  • Independent Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Presence, and Master controls per channel
  • 3-way power reduction switch makes achieving cranked-up tones at bedroom levels easy
  • Bias switch enables you to swap the original 6L6 power tubes for a set of British-style EL34s
  • Bold/Variac switch for fine-tuning your tone
  • Fully buffered, tube-driven, series effects loop for your pedalboard and other external processing
  • Fixed bias for consistent, maintenance-free performance
  • Built-in CabClone IR with third-party IR support offers limitless cab combinations
  • 1-button footswitch for channel switching
  • Slipcover included

You can learn more about and get your hands on the Mesa/Boogie Rectifier Badlands here.

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